Children and teenagers

Courses for children and teenagers

Our Kids and Teens program for children and teenagers focuses on teaching children from 3-14 years. Courses for children are based on the concept of immersion: children learn through games, songs, role -play and practical activities. Our natural approach makes learning not only fun, but also effective.

At the same time, we are committed to academic success by offering classes and preparation for official exams such as Cambridge, DELF / DALF Goethe and DELE.

In LINQ we understand that it is important that children have fun while learning. For the younger children aged 3-6 we conduct the course PLAYTIME. This program provides a learning environment in which children use all their senses. The session is developed entirely in English, French , German or Spanish with a native, experienced and creative teacher who offers activities such as painting, drawing, crafts, singing and reading.

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